Private Wine Tasting

    Looking for something different to introduce to your social circle? Want to learn about wine or experience fun wine themes? Then host a Vines Play private wine tasting. Playing with wine is our specialty; why don’t we quaff some wine and play some seriously good games.

    Vines Play Private Wine Tasting Events are Great For:

    • Birthday Parties

    • Bridal Showers

    • Holiday events

    • Charity fundraising events

    • Milestone celebrations

    We are honored you are considering us to play a role in your important day. We will add the play, the fun and the instagramable worthy moments you will never forget!

    We Are Experts At Creating Great Events

    Private Wine Tasting

    Your budget guides us. No such thing as too small or too large; your moment is what matters!

    Book an event consultation and begin crafting an experience you and your friends will never forget.

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    Examples of some of our Private Wine Party Themes are:

    Wine 101
    An international array of wines will be introduced by our instructor who will skillfully mix knowledge of wine history, various wine regions, purchasing, and serving as well as cover insightful information on the wines being tasted…all while making it entertaining!

    Food and Wine Tasting
    As foodie culture expands into the mainstream, dishes have become increasingly innovative and diverse. Properly pairing food and wine can be an excellent way to intensify meals and show off your personal host flair. See how some small bites of food pair with a variety of wine. Learn the tricks, rules and art of pairing wine with a meal. Never stare blankly at wine menu again; learn how to decode a wine list and always pick the best wine for your meal! Focus on theories with a little cheese and wine play!

    Beer vs Wine Tasting
    Let the games begin! Bring your beer lovers and wine lovers together and let’s have a taste off. Beer drinkers and wine drinkers have always separated themselves into two camps. But there is great craft and passion put into creating both. Why not host a tasting and put these two head to head? This can be a wonderful way to host a group of wine and beer aficionados, providing perspective and appreciation for each specific craft. Select types of wine and beer that does similar things to the palate.

    Pop and Fizzle!
    Champagne, Cremant, Cava, Espumate, Asti,Processco, Trent Doc… and the list goes on for all the sparklers you will taste.

    So many fun themes we can’t tell them all. Creating a tailored itinerary for your event is what we do.

    Private Wine Tasting

    Private Wine Tasting

    Private Wine Tasting

    Send us a quick note about your event and we will be in contact to plan your fun affair. Come play with us!

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    Private Wine Tasting

    Click on image to See The Full Review of Cathy’s 30 birthday party with Vines Play.

    Reviewed by Perttu Ojansuu (Boyfriend who planned the tasting #relationshipgoals)
    A great thing about the wine tasting was that we were able to set up the budget for the wines we tasted, so everything was set-upped really classy, but still with affordable price. We had altogether 10 people enjoying the evening and the wine tasting with Vines Play was definitely a great success from everyone’s point-of-view. Vines Play wine tasting is great way to start your night out with your friends or organize a birthday party. It was truly a wonderful night and I can highly recommend Vines Play and Chanile for making your evening special. 
    Cathy and all guests really liked the concept of wine tasting and especially you because you were so cool host! 

    Waiting To Play With You !

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